Seeing the Expressions of the Self to Deny the Self for the Building of the Church

The Lord Jesus said that, if we want to follow Him, we should deny the self; today we want to see what are some expressions of the self and how we can exercise the key of denying the self to lock up the self in every situation. What is the self, and why do we […]

The Self is the Embodiment of Satan in our Soul, being Expressed through Opinions

God wants us to see the heavenly vision and be governed by it, and as believers in Christ we are meant to see the heavenly vision and be heavenly people living a heavenly life on earth. However, there are many hindrances to seeing this vision and entering into it, the first of which is the […]

our sanctification in the truth results in oneness by dealing with all the factors of division

There are several factors of division which are in our being naturally, waiting only for the opportunity to surface and be expressed. We have to remember that outside of being in the Triune God there’s only division, but when we are in the enlarged oneness of the coinhering Triune God by the sanctifying truth we have the oneness! There’s no oneness in the universe outside of the coinhering Triune God!