we are being made one in the reality of the Father’s sanctifying word

In the Lord’s prayer in John 17 we see that there are three levels of oneness, or three increasingly important ways for us as believers in Christ to be one. Firstly, we are one in the Father’s name and by the Father’s divine life (John 17:6-13). Secondly, we are one in the reality of the […]

when we move out of ourselves and into the Triune God, we are one and even perfected into one!

Saints, the Lord Jesus knows our problem. He knows that we need to abide in Him so that He may abide in us and bear fruit in us (John 15:1-15). What does it mean, in this context, to abide in the Lord? It means that we need to move out of ourselves and into the Triune God as the universal vine and remain there!

our sanctification in the truth results in oneness by dealing with all the factors of division

There are several factors of division which are in our being naturally, waiting only for the opportunity to surface and be expressed. We have to remember that outside of being in the Triune God there’s only division, but when we are in the enlarged oneness of the coinhering Triune God by the sanctifying truth we have the oneness! There’s no oneness in the universe outside of the coinhering Triune God!

the Triune God in His Word infused into us is the truth that sets us free and sanctifies us!

We need to come to the written Word of God that we may get the living Word, the Rhema Word of God, infused into us. When the Word is mingled with the living Spirit in our spirit, we are sanctified with the essence of God. If we daily contact the Word of God in this way, God is added to us daily – and we are permeated with God and made one with Him!

we are being prepared to be on the throne by daily moving out of ourselves and into the Triune God!

We are destined to glory, and we will rule and reign with Christ as kings! We see in Genesis 1:26 that we were created in the image and likeness of God to contain God and express God, and we also see in Heb. 2:9-10 that Jesus took the lead to be the Pioneer, the Forerunner, […]