We need to be Priestly Teachers Saturated with God and Skillful in the Word of God

In the recovery and rebuilding of the temple and the city God raised up Ezra, a priestly scribe, to strengthen and enrich His recovery. Today the Lord needs many like Ezra who are priestly teachers contacting God knowing God’s word, being saturated with God, and being skillful in God’s word to teach and minister God […]

Christ Builds the Church by Making His Home in our Heart to Constitute us with God

Christ is the only One qualified to build up His church, and he does this by building Himself into our being, that is, by making His home in our heart so that we may be mingled with the Triune God and become a mutual abode with Him. This is what the Bible reveals that God’s […]

Being Saturated and Possessed by God to Light the Lamps in the Meetings of the Church

As believers in Christ, we are holy priests lighting the holy lamps in the holy place, the meetings of the church. Hallelujah, our God is light, and in Him there’s no darkness at all, and we are children of light who are daily learning to walk in the light. The nature of God’s expression – […]

The Oneness of the Body of Christ is the Enlarged Oneness of the Divine Trinity

There are many wonderful aspects of the tabernacle in Exodus that are types of our Christian experience, and one of these is that the tabernacle typifies the oneness in the Triune God. Oneness in this universe is God Himself; only God is one, and the oneness in the Triune God is the unique and most […]

We Need to be Holy Persons Filled with God to Light the Holy Lamps in the Holy Place

One of the functions of the priests in the Old Testament was the lighting of the lamps in the Holy Place; God ordained that the light has to be on all day and throughout the night, and it was the priests’ responsibility to make sure this happens. The details of this picture are quite interesting, […]

A Priest is one who Serves God, Lives to God, is Filled with God, and Flows God out

Both in the Old and in the New Testament we clearly see that God’s desire is that all His people would be priests to God (Exo. 19:6; 1 Pet. 2:9). The only way we can become this kind of men that the Lord needs is by allowing Christ Himself – the One who lives in […]

A Priest is a Person Saturated and Filled with God until God Overflows through him

As believers in Christ we are a kingdom of priests, the corporate priesthood of God, those who are not only called, saved, and regenerated by God but who also are priests to God. The term “priest” has been spoiled and thus much misunderstood in today’s Christianity, so much so that many believers would not even […]