Only when we are Built and Coordinated into the Building can we Serve the Lord

As believers in Christ we are both living stones being built up into a spiritual house and a priesthood that is built up and coordinated into the building of God. In Exodus we see that the goal of God delivering His people from Egypt, bringing them across the Red Sea, giving them heavenly food and drink in […]

As those who Serve the Lord we need to See that our Service must Originate from God

As those who love the Lord and desire to serve Him, we need to realize that it is God who should be the source and origin of our service and not us; our service must originate from God. We may desire to do many things for God, we may have the ability to carry them […]

A Priest is a Person who Serves in Newness of Spirit and Ministers to the Lord

This week we have been both enjoying and prayerfully studying the definition of a priest: what is a priest according to the Bible, and how can we be priests to God today. Christ Himself is the High Priest, and the way for us to be priests is to have Christ reproduced in us. A priest, […]

Christ is the Servant of God, and we are saved to serve(we are all serving ones!)

There is so much about this wonderful Person, Christ! We can never exhaust speaking about Him, appreciating Him, and enjoying Him! This morning I was freshly impressed with the fact that Christ is the Servant of Jehovah – He was the Servant of Jehovah in eternity past, He became the Servant of Jehovah in humanity, […]

We can serve the Lord only after allowing Christ as the Servant of Jehovah to serve us

Wow, what a revelation! I have never seen this fact as clear as now as we got into message four of the Crystallization-study of Isaiah (2), entitled, Christ as the Servant of Jehovah. May the Lord Spirit serve us right now as we read this portion by opening our mind and heart, to reveal something […]