The Expiation Silver: we Fight one with Christ and in the Ascended Christ in Victory

It is very enlightening to see the spiritual relationship between the incense altar (where we pray one with the interceding Christ for God’s move and His interest on earth) and the expiation silver (which is offered by those who are matured in life and strong in spirit to be formed as an army). At the […]

Growing in Life unto Maturity to be Formed as an Army to Fight the Spiritual Warfare

As believers in Christ we love God, pursue Him, seek to know Him, desire to experience Him in a deeper way, and care more for His interests than for our need. The more time we spend with God, the more we enjoy and experience Christ as the reality of all the furnishings in the tabernacle, […]

Being one with God to Conquer the Satanic Chaos and Triumph in the Divine Economy

Whether people realize this or not, behind the scene there’s a spiritual warfare going on; what we see outwardly manifested as chaos and vanity is a result of this spiritual warfare. As believers in Christ, we need to engage in the spiritual warfare first by maintaining our position of ascension, realizing that Christ has already […]

Learning to Live a Life of Praise, Developing our Praise, and Being Persons of Praise

After God delivered them from Egypt and saved them from Pharaoh through their crossing of the Red Sea, the children of Israel sang the song of Moses, a song of praise to God for His victory and His salvation. In their song there is much praise to God for saving them the slavery in Egypt […]

Praise God for His Glorious Triumph over His Enemy and His Salvation of His People!

In the book of Exodus we clearly see that the goal of God’s salvation, provision, and revelation is the building of His dwelling place. Also, the central thought and the direction of the book of Exodus is the dwelling place of God. Once God has His building, He has a way to bring in His […]

Offering Ourselves Willingly to the Lord and Becoming the Morning Dew to Refresh Him

In Psalm 110 we see a very practical way to enjoy Christ in His heavenly ministry as the kingly High Priest: by offering ourselves to Him willingly in the day of His warfare, in the day of our consecration, and by being to Him like the dew from the womb of the dawn, refreshing Him […]

Receive the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit by Means of All Prayer

In exhorting us to take up the whole armor of God in Eph. 6, Paul puts the offensive weapon, the sword of the Spirit, at the very end. First, he encourages us to be girded with the truth (living Christ as the reality), put on the breastplate of righteousness (apply the blood of Christ to […]