Learning how to Speak for the Lord and how to Stop to Listen to God’s Voice daily

As believers in Christ, we are the living creatures learning to coordinate and afford God a way to move on earth; in our coordination and living, we are learning both to speak one with God and to listen to God’s voice, stopping in our fellowship to hear the Lord’s speaking. The four living creatures in […]

As those who Serve the Lord we need to See that our Service must Originate from God

As those who love the Lord and desire to serve Him, we need to realize that it is God who should be the source and origin of our service and not us; our service must originate from God. We may desire to do many things for God, we may have the ability to carry them […]

God Wants only our Cooperation: we need to Stop Ourselves and Let God Speak and Work

The Bible doesn’t give us a specific list of things we should do when serving God, but throughout the Bible we see a few important principles which we need to apply to our daily life for our cooperation with Him. One of these principles is that all our work and service in the church must […]