the secret to be content in all things: abiding in Christ (students training, South Africa)

The experience of Christ is in our spirit but the enjoyment of Christ is in our soul. We need to experience Christ in such a full and complete way so that our experience seeps through to our soul to be our enjoyment, joy and delight. How do we do this? In Phil 4:12 Paul says he has learnt the secret to be both abased and to abound and in the previous verse to be content in all circumstances. The secret is simply to be in Christ, to abide in Him. To be content in everything means the good things and the bad things. To be content in all things means to be content in all the ordinary things too! Our Christ does not change, our contentment therefore cannot change. [read more online]

Enjoying Christ as our Provision, as seen in the book of Exodus (SA students camp summer 2011)

… once we are in the wilderness what should we do? We should not start complaining but rather tell the Lord: “Lord, You are the One that led me here. Lord, I am thirsty. Give me a drink!” Some of us have been in the church life for quite a while and our experience of the Lord is just not rich anymore and we do not understand. We have been eating all these years but not drinking enough! We need to drink! [continue reading this sweet sharing from a student in South Africa from his top enjoyment in a recent student camp]

being a Christian student on the campus: overflow from the students in London top enjoyment

Recently we had a meeting with the Christian students in London, an overflow meeting, something like a end-of-term celebration meeting… “This semester my roommate got saved! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!” “The best thing we can give the Lord is our time – and there’s no better way to spend our time than being with the Lord” [read more testimonies online]

being a Christian student on campus – seeing the church life and finding my home here!

Sometimes it is difficult living with ten other flatmates who mostly want to go out and party. So often I am asked or even begged to join them – yet the life within will not let me. There is a sense of death within even when I considered doing so. But when I obey that life within, there is such a peace and joy within. I thought it would be so hard to continue to say no. But the more I enjoy the Lord and the more I spend time in His presence, it becomes SO easy (and quicker) to flee these things (2 Tim. 2:22). [read more online]

Being a Christian Student on the Campus – normal students who enjoy the Lord

When I first hit university, my initial thought was that I also want to be like the serving ones on campus, preaching the gospel, getting into the truth and enjoy the Lord with others 24/7. That was when reality (no pun intended) hit me: How can I be a student and still enjoy the Lord? I cannot just enjoy the Lord because then I fail my exams, and I cannot just study because then I do not enjoy the Lord and I become dry. How do you balance the two?

being a Christian student on the campus – how much time do I give to the Lord?

There is a common conflict in college – How much time do I give to the Lord? There is no formula or recipe for this. However, there are some fundamental principles. It is good to go to the Lord first and fellowship with Him. See how much time He wants from you. The Lord will never ask more than you can give. With that being said, you must realize that you are in school to learn and to do the best you possibly can. That must be your main focus.

Being a Christian student on the campus – balancing our studies and our Christian life

Over the years, I’ve realized that if I just give the Lord the time and go to some meetings in a consistent way, He honors this and takes care of me. In reality, our education is for the Lord – and our whole life is for the Lord – and He knows we need to take care of these practical things. Yes, the Lord wants us to take care of them in a proper way, but our life with Him is more important than any outward schooling, habit, practice, station etc.