The Church is Heavenly: the Nature of the Church is to Submit to God’s Authority

The nature of the church is heavenly, and the main significance of this is that the church is under Christ’s authority, submitting to no other person but Christ and His authority alone. It is vitally necessary for us as believers in Christ to know the nature of the church. According to the New Testament, the […]

The Authority in the Church is the Throne above the Clear Sky, God’s Ruling Presence

According to the Lord’s word in Matt 20 and 28 and based on Ezekiel 1, the only authority in the church is the throne above the clear sky, and when we are in subjection to God’s authority, we represent God, we have God’s ruling presence, and the throne in the heavens is transmitted to the earth […]

The Highest Point in our Spiritual Experience is having a Clear Sky with the Throne Above it

According to our experience and in light of Ezekiel chapter one, the highest point in our spiritual experience is having a clear sky with the throne above it. We need to have the spiritual experiences depicted in Ezekiel 1, from the open heavens with God’s direct speaking to having a clear and expanding sky with […]

Being Brought under the Ruling of God’s Authority through the Gospel of the Kingdom

Our unique commission given by the Lord is that we preach the gospel; He as our Lord and Savior took the lead to preach the gospel of the kingdom, and now we as His disciples and believers need to follow Him and preach the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth. The gospel […]

Reigning in Life by Submitting to God’s Authority and by Being Ruled by His Life

God’s desire is to make Himself the same as man is so that man may become the same as God is in life, nature, expression, and function, but not in the Godhead. This means that God wants man to rule with Him and through Him over all things. We need to see that our position […]