The Church is the issue of the Enjoyment of the Riches of Christ as the Good Land

The holy temple and the holy city were built on and were the issue of the holy land, showing that the church is the issue of the enjoyment of the riches of Christ. The last two chapters of Ezekiel speak a lot concerning the holy land – not merely of the holy city or the […]

Knowing the Present Truth and not being Castaways of the Present Truth in this Age

Since our God is moving, we as His people need to cooperate with Him to carry out His move in His economy first by knowing this age and then by knowing the present truth so that we may know where we are, what age we live in, what is the up-to-date present truth, and how […]

Christ Keeps us and Brings us into the Full Enjoyment of Himself as the Good Land

After seeing what the Angel of Jehovah does for us as God’s people – from saving us from our sufferings to leading us, caring for us, serving us, executing the new covenant, carrying out God’s economy, executing God’s administration, taking possession of the whole earth, judging Babylon the Great and bringing in the kingdom of […]

Growing in Life by Holding to Truth in Love for the Building up of the Body of Christ

God’s highest and deepest purpose for the church is to head up all things in Christ through the church. As part of the church, how can we cooperate with the Lord for the heading up of all things in Christ? It is not by our outward doing or “ruling over others” that we bring all […]

The All-Inclusive Christ is the Reality of All the Positive Things in the Universe

The created things reveal and declare the attributes and glory of the invisible God (Rom. 1:20), and God in Christ is universally vast and untraceably rich. The whole universe with the billions of things and persons in it was created for the purpose of describing Christ (Col. 1:15-17). Christ is all-inclusive, and He is the […]

Let us Enjoy the All-Inclusive Christ as the Reality of All the Positive Things!

The focus and center of the heavenly vision is Christ Himself, the reality of all the positive things in the universe. The heavenly vision centers on Christ and takes Him as the focus, and this One is everything to us. The all-inclusive Christ lives in us to be our all, and He in us is […]

Drinking and Flowing the Water of Life in Resurrection in our Daily Experience

God in Christ as the Spirit is the living water in resurrection for us to drink and flow (see John 7:37-39). Christ has been smitten by God on the cross and out of His side flowed living water for man to drink and enjoy. Christ as the living rock has been cleft through His crucifixion, […]