God is a God of Blessing, and He Himself as the Spirit is the Unique Blessing of God

Our God is the God of blessing, and He is the blessing God. Hidden in Ezekiel 34 there’s something beautiful, a gem: our God is a God of blessing, and He is a blessing God! In Christianity and in the world this matter of blessing is very much misunderstood and misused, and some even use […]

God’s Covenant with Abraham: Receiving the Life-Giving Spirit as the God’s Blessing

Our God is a covenanting God, and we are His covenanted people. Even though man fell, God came in to preach the gospel and promised that the seed of the woman will destroy the serpent; this seed of the woman is Christ and also the man-child, the overcomers. This covenant God made with Adam was […]

The God of Abraham is the God of Blessing: He Blesses us and Makes us a Blessing

As believers in Christ, our God is the God of Abraham. This means that we need to know and experience God as the God of Abraham in all His aspects. First of all, God is the One who calls us by appearing to us as the God of glory. His appearing attracts us, and He […]

The Good Land is Christ as the All-Inclusive Compound Spirit with our Spirit

From Genesis to Revelation, the entire Bible as the Word of God speaks about the same thing. When God created man in Genesis 1 and He stated the purpose for creating man in Gen. 1:26, we see this purpose being fulfilled all throughout the Bible. When God called Abraham and made him a promise, we […]

God Made the Promise, Christ Fulfilled it, and the Believers Enjoy the Blessing!

God didn’t give up on man after Adam fell in the garden of Eden; He continued to seek man and desired to gain man for His purpose. He gained Abel, Enosh, Enoch, Noah and his family, etc. until one day the God of glory appeared to Abraham in the Ur of Chaldea’s. God’s appearing attracted […]

The Seed of Abraham is First Christ and Then the Believers in Christ, the Body

For the fulfillment of God’s purpose, “the seed” is a very important matter. In the Bible we see that Christ is a threefold seed: He is the seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15), the seed of Abraham (Gen. 17:2), and the seed of David. The entire Scriptures is wrapped up with the seed in these […]