Being Brought into the Realm of God’s Economy for Christ to be Our Everything

In this universe there’s a throne, the throne of God, and God sits on the throne administrating the whole universe. We need to be in spirit as the apostle John was, and we will see the throne set up in heaven (Rev. 4:2). Don’t believe what you see, and don’t think that man can do […]

Christ needs to become the centrality and universality of our life and work

Christ is the centrality (the center) and the universality (the circumference) in God’s economy. We may understand this, like this, and even say this, but has this become a vision to us that affects our being to the extent that to us, in our experience, Christ is our center and our everything? We need to […]

Christ, the house of God, the city of God, and the earth: the main points of the book of Psalms!

It is so easy to read the Psalms and take them in an outward, natural way, for our comfort and our encouragement… but if we do this, we fail to see what the Psalms really reveal. In the Psalms there are four major words being developed and spoken of: Christ, the house, the city, and […]