We need to See a Vision of the World’s Ultimate Situation and God’s Ultimate Move

As believers in Christ living in the last days of this age, we need to see a vision of the world’s ultimate situation, God’s ultimate move, and the Lord’s ultimate recovery. It may seem that this series of blog posts are not focused on “spiritual matters” but they touch a lot of historical and outward […]

The Central Vision of the Bible: the Increase of the Triune God is for God’s Building

This week we’re in the last of the six portions of enjoyment on, The Increase of Christ for the Building up of the Church, and the title of this week is simply, The Increase of Christ for God’s Building. In order for Christ to have the increase of Himself in God’s economy, He must create […]

Christ is Everything to the Church for Us to be God’s Living Testimony on Earth

The central vision of the completing ministry of Paul is man being a vessel to contain God and be filled with God, Christ as the mystery of God, and the church as the mystery of Christ. Seeing that Christ is the mystery of God is not such a simple matter – we need the entire […]

Man is a Vessel to Receive God by Eating, Drinking, and Breathing in God

The central vision of Paul’s completing ministry is God in us as our contents, Christ as the mystery of God, and the church as the mystery of Christ. First of all, we need to see that God made us as vessels to contain Him, and He wants to be our content. It is only in […]

Paying the Price to See the Central Vision of the Completing Ministry of Paul

We need to see the central vision of the completing ministry of Paul, because this central vision is the essence of the Lord’s recovery. The fact that the Lord needs a recovery means that there has been much damage and loss being done throughout the history of the church, and today the Lord wants to […]

the secret of the Christian life and the church life is living in the mingled spirit

What is the reality of the church life? The church life is composed of all the believers in Christ who live in their spirit. The reality of the church life is to live in the spirit. In the church life we learn to pay attention not to our mind or emotion but to our spirit. The Christian life, the family life, and the church life – are all a life in our spirit. The divine Spirit as the consummation of the processed Triune God is mingled with our spirit as the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, continually saturating us as we open to Him and allow Him to spread in us… [continue reading online]