Standing on the Unique Ground of God’s Choice to be the Testimony of God in Oneness

This week we want to enjoy a sweet, soothing, flavorful, and aromatic word in God’s word on Jehovah’s commanded blessing of life on brothers who dwell together in oneness, and today in particular we want to see the unique ground of God’s choice – the ground of oneness. Psalms 133-134 are so sweet and wonderful, […]

Seeing the Crucial Points of the Lord’s Recovery of the Church in the Present Age

The desire of God’s heart is to gain the church, his corporate expression, but throughout the ages the church has become degraded; we need to see the crucial points of the Lord’s recovery of the church in the present age. The Lord has been working through the ages to recover His people back to His […]

The Unique Ground of the Church – one Church in one City – in the Genuine Oneness

When speaking of the church, we first need to see its nature, and then we need to see the unique ground of the church, which is the genuine ground of oneness; in practicality, as the New Testament reveals, there is only one church in one city. This week in our morning revival we come to […]

The Israel of God is the Church in the Triune God, the Church in the Processed God

The issue of knowing and experiencing God as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob is the Israel of God, the church in the Triune God (1 Thes. 1:1; Matt. 28:19). The issue of our experience of God as our source and Father (the God of Abraham), as the […]

standing on the unique ground of the church for the Lord to gain His overcomers

In the Bible there is a very simple and at the same time very powerful principle related to the church: one city, one church – within one city there is only one local church. In the early days, the believers practiced it all the time – the practice of the church life after the Pentecost […]