The World Situation is for the Ultimate Move of God and for His Ultimate Recovery

Our God is moving – He has a particular move in every age, and today even if our gospel preaching is adequate, our Bible teaching is accurate, and our meetings are scriptural, we need to ask ourselves, Lord, do we have the ultimate move of God among us? We may preach the gospel – even […]

New Jerusalem is the Universal Golden Lampstand, the Ultimate Consummation of the Lampstands

The New Jerusalem, the holy city, is the universal golden lampstand, the ultimate consummation of the lampstands in the Scriptures. The entire city is like a mountain of gold, and on top of it there’s the throne of God and the Lamb, where God shines in the Lamb as the lamp, and this light is […]

Enjoying Christ as our Love, Life, and Light to keep the Testimony of Jesus

In the Lord’s epistle to the church in Ephesus there are four main points – love (loving the Lord with the first love), life (enjoying Christ as the tree of life), light (shining as the Lord’s testimony), and the lampstand (bearing the Lord’s testimony); love, life, light, and the lampstand are four crucial words in […]

Loving the Lord with the First Love, Being His Testimony, and Functioning as Priests

May we be those who are loving the Lord with the first and best love, those who are His testimony on earth today, and who function as priests in the church life! In His epistle to the first church, the church in Ephesus, in Rev. 2, the Lord appreciates some of the things she has, […]

Being the Church as the Golden Lampstand in Reality by Drinking the Spirit

Most of the major truths in the Bible are recorded in a seed form in the first 5 books of the Old Testament, they develop and grow throughout the Bible, and they consummate in the book of Revelation at the end of the Bible. Matters such as the tree of life, the river of water […]

Seeing a Vision of the Golden Lampstand, a Type of the Triune God and the Church

In the Bible there is a very comprehensive picture which shows us that God is our life, that we are God’s living out, that God lives in us, and that for us to live is God. This picture is the golden lampstand, firstly revealed in Exodus 25, then mentioned in 1 Kings (in the temple), […]