The Church is an Organism, so we all are being Perfected to Function in the Body

The practice of the God-ordained way to meet and serve comes out of our seeing that the church is an organism as a mingling of God and man, produced by the Triune God in his Divine Trinity. We thank and praise the Lord for showing us the light and revelation regarding the scriptural way to […]

The Church is the Body of Christ, the Fulness of Christ the Head to be His Expression

This week and the following few weeks we are prayerfully considering the status of the church – the church is the Body of Christ, the church is the new man, and the church is the bride of Christ. The church is not simple but profound and rich in meaning; there are many aspects – many […]

Living by the Divine Life, with an Uplifted Humanity, by the Cross in the Church life

It is so amazing to realize that the church is not only the gathering of God’s called out ones but also an organism with two lives and two natures – the human nature and the divine nature, and therefore we should be those living by the divine life in the church life today. The epistle […]

every church is wonderful: the church is a living composition of all the brothers of Christ!

In His resurrection Christ produced the church, which is the living composition of the many brothers of the Firstborn Son of God(Rom. 8:29)! The church is not just a gathering of the believers, but it is something organic, the Body of Christ – something of life. We are the many brothers not of the Only […]