The Church is Christly (the Self is Denied) and Resurrectionly (we Overcome Death)

If we really see a vision of the nature of the church and realize that the church is divine, Christly, resurrectionly, and heavenly, then the natural, fleshly, and ambitious elements will be ruled out and terminated, and we will be empowered to face any kind of death. It is easy to look at the church […]

The Nature of the Church is Divine – the Church is Christly, Resurrectionly, and Heavenly

This week we want to see what is the nature of the church; in God’s eyes and according to the Bible, the church is divine, Christly (of Christ and in Christ), resurrectionly (of resurrection and in resurrection), and heavenly. The first thing we want to know about the church is the nature of the church, […]

Living in Resurrection by Living by the Divine Life within us for the Body of Christ

In order for us to be in the reality of the Body of Christ, we need to be absolutely in the resurrection life of Christ. What does it mean for us to be in the resurrection life of Christ? First of all, after Christ died and terminated all the negative things in the universe, in […]

Seeing the Church as a Corporate Thornbush Burning with the God of Resurrection

The vision of the burning thornbush impressed Moses and stayed with him throughout his life, so that at the end of his life as he was speaking his departing words and he was blessing the children of Israel he said, ….With the choicest things of the earth, and the fullness thereof, and the favor of […]

living by the resurrection life to be in the reality of the Body of Christ

Paul’s aspiration and prayer in Phil. 3:10 was that he would know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death. We need to ask ourselves, How much do we live, serve, and do things in the resurrection life? We may have a good coordination with […]