God’s Economy is to have the Temple of God Filled with the Glory of God for Eternity

From the beginning to the end of the Bible the divine revelation is progressive, and in the last book of the Bible we see the consummation of the divine revelation and of God’s economy, the New Jerusalem. What does God want to obtain, how does He obtain it, what does He do to obtain it, […]

In His Resurrection Christ Enlarged God’s Temple to be the mystical Body of Christ

God’s desire throughout the Bible is to gain a building, a mutual dwelling place of God and man; for this, He created Adam, He called Abraham, He chose Moses, He brought His people into the good land, and He did everything for His people. Throughout the Bible we can see that God’s intention is to […]

Being Mingled with God and Sinking Deeply into God to Build up the Church in Oneness

It is so enlightening to see the intrinsic significance of the materials of the temple and to realize that God desires a building – the church as the temple of God, and for this we need to have certain experiences of Christ in the Body and for the Body, so that God would gain what […]

Having an Enlarged Experience of Christ in all His Riches for the Temple Church Life

We need to go on with the Lord from the tabernacle church life to the temple church life, and for this we need to go on from the wilderness to the good land where we have the all-inclusive Christ as our everything for the building up of the solid temple of God. It is good […]

All Believers are Priests of God; Satan Struggles Against the Temple of God

God’s goal is the temple of God – He desires to gain His house, His church, His building, His temple, the place of His dwelling and where He can rest. God knows this, and Satan also knows this – this is why Satan attacked the temple of God and did his best to destroy it […]