The Church is Christly (the Self is Denied) and Resurrectionly (we Overcome Death)

If we really see a vision of the nature of the church and realize that the church is divine, Christly, resurrectionly, and heavenly, then the natural, fleshly, and ambitious elements will be ruled out and terminated, and we will be empowered to face any kind of death. It is easy to look at the church […]

The Nature of the Church is Divine – the Church is Christly, Resurrectionly, and Heavenly

This week we want to see what is the nature of the church; in God’s eyes and according to the Bible, the church is divine, Christly (of Christ and in Christ), resurrectionly (of resurrection and in resurrection), and heavenly. The first thing we want to know about the church is the nature of the church, […]