Only what Comes out of Christ can be the Church to Match Christ as His Counterpart

Only what comes out of Christ can return to Christ to match Christ as His counterpart, just as only what came out of Adam and was built by God to become a woman could return to him to be his wife. It is important for us to see what did God do to gain His […]

Seeing what God has Done to Obtain the Church as His Counterpart to Match Him

God desires to obtain a counterpart, someone who would match Him in every possible way and who loves Him to the uttermost. In order for God to produce such a complement for Himself, He did certain things. First of all, He created the heavens and the earth, the plants, the animals, and man. We see […]

God’s Move Depends upon Our Moving: the Church must Match Christ in His Move

In Ezekiel 1:19-20 we see that there are four living creatures, each one having a great and high wheel, and wherever the creatures went, the wheels went also. The creatures followed the Spirit, the wheels went with the creatures, and the Spirit was in the wheels – so mysterious, yet so real in our daily […]