The Unique Ground of the Church – one Church in one City – in the Genuine Oneness

When speaking of the church, we first need to see its nature, and then we need to see the unique ground of the church, which is the genuine ground of oneness; in practicality, as the New Testament reveals, there is only one church in one city. This week in our morning revival we come to […]

Receiving and Dispensing Grace through the Blood, the Word, the Spirit, and the Church

We thank and praise the Lord for saving us through His grace; even while we were sinners He showed us mercy and grace, and when we heard the gospel, faith was generated into us and we believed into the wonderful person of Christ, who is so full of grace and reality. Now our Christian life […]

The Local Ground of the Church is the Oneness of the Body Practiced in the Local Churches

This week we are enjoying the spiritual significance and application of the local ground of the church. In the church life in the Lord’s recovery we have been brought back to God’s original intention, which is to have the Body of Christ as His expression, and the universal Body of Christ is expressed in each […]

The Israel of God is the Church in the Triune God, the Church in the Processed God

The issue of knowing and experiencing God as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob is the Israel of God, the church in the Triune God (1 Thes. 1:1; Matt. 28:19). The issue of our experience of God as our source and Father (the God of Abraham), as the […]

qualifications of a genuine church: the church of God enjoying grace upon grace!

One particular aspect I was encouraged with is that a genuine church accepts and welcomes everyone who calls on the name of the Lord – who is THEIRS and OURS! Jesus Christ belongs to and is in all the believers, and He is our all-inclusive portion – we are those who call on the name of the Lord in every place! Oh, Lord Jesus! We flee youthful lusts and pursue with those who call on the name of the Lord out of a pure heart (2 Tim. 2:22). Wherever we are – at home, at work, cooking in the kitchen, walking on the street, shopping, driving, traveling, resting, working, playing sports, jogging, etc – we CALL on the name of the Lord, who is OURS! [continue reading online]

seeing what it means to be a genuine church in the focus of the Lord’s recovery

To be in the Lord’s recovery means that we are Christians NOT just for our own need and not just for ourselves (we don’t focus only on, What can God do for me?) – we are Christians for God’s need, God’s pleasure, God’s heart’s desire, and even God’s goal! Yes, we have our needs, we see what we are, but what about God’s need? What about God’s purpose, His goal, and His economy? We are here learning to lift our view from our petty needs and problems, and look to the Lord to be one with Him for His economy, His need. [read more online]