Knowing this Age and Knowing the Spirit of God in the Move of God’s Eternal Economy

Our God is a moving God, and if we are going to cooperate with the Lord to carry out His move in His economy, we must know this age and know the Spirit of God. In a particular way, we must know the age of today’s Christianity in relation to the revelation of the Bible, […]

The Spirit Anoints us for God’s Building and as the Cloud He Leads and Guides us

After the tabernacle was erected in the wilderness, Moses anointed every piece of furnishing and all the priests for service with the holy anointing oil, as per God’s instructions; in the church as the house of God we have the Spirit anointing us as the anointing oil, and He is leading and guiding us just […]

5 Critical Points concerning the Spirit of God in the Move of God’s eternal Economy

This week in our enjoyment of the Lord in His word we come to a very wonderful topic: service for the building up of the church. All those who have been regenerated by God are serving ones: they are being served by Christ daily and they serve Christ in their daily living. The first thing […]

Being Salted by the Cross in our Prayer for a Pleasant Fragrance to Ascend to God

It is so sweet, calm, fragrant, and peaceful to see our wonderful all-inclusive Christ who was processed through incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection to become the ingredients of both the anointing (as God reaching man to fill and saturate man) and the incense (as the Christ wrought into us ascending to God for His satisfaction). The […]

Not being Anti-Anointing or Antichrist but Enjoying the Triune God as the Anointing

Did you know that God is a divine and mystical “Painter”, and that He Himself has been processed and consummated to become the anointing with which He paints His believers to add His elements into them and make them His corporate expression? This is wonderful! In Exo. 30 we see the type of the compound […]

The Anointing: Eternal Life, the Word of Life, Jesus, Christ, the Father, and the Son

It is the Lord’s mercy and grace that today we are blessed with having a complete revelation of the “compound Spirit” which was revealed in type in Exo. 30 with the holy ointment and in reality in the New Testament, being called “the Spirit” (John 7:39; Rev. 22:17). The Triune God went through a long […]

The Inward Teaching of the Anointing adds God to our Being for us to Abide in Him

Praise the Lord, we have the anointing which teaches us all things – and it is true and not a lie, and even it has taught us, let us abide in Him! God became a man, and this God-man became a life-giving Spirit, which Spirit is a compound Spirit, the reality of the holy anointing […]