Aligning our Being with God to See Visions of God in Spirit under an Opened Heaven

As believers in Christ we need to be those who have an opened heaven, be in our spirit, and see visions of God, that is, see divine, spiritual, heavenly visions, so that we may be one with God on earth for Him to accomplish what He desires to accomplish. Ezekiel was such a person; he […]

Seeing the Church as the Reprint of the Spirit Limits us and Keeps us in Our Spirit

We need to see a vision of the golden lampstand and what it signifies. The golden lampstand signifies the church today as the reprint of the Spirit. We were born as men of clay, made of dust and sin-producing-factories, but Christ has reached out to us through the gospel and we have been regenerated! Christ […]

The Controlling Vision in Daniel: the Vision of the Great Image in Daniel 2

This week in our morning revival we come to the topic of, The Vision of the Great Image—the Controlling Vision in the Book of Daniel. In the book of Daniel we see many visions, but the governing vision that interprets all the other visions is the vision of the great image in Daniel 2. This […]