The Church as the Body of Christ is the Corporate Christ, the Body-Christ

The church as the Body of Christ is the corporate Christ, the Body-Christ, and all believers in Christ are members of the Body of Christ, that is, all believers are members of Christ. First of all, the expression “the Body of Christ” is not an allegory or a type, but it is what it says […]

The Type, Reality, and Consummation of the Tabernacle, God’s Corporate Expression

The consummation of all God’s work in Exodus is the tabernacle, and in its spiritual significance we can see the type, the reality, and the consummation of the tabernacle, which reveal the goal of God’s economy to have a corporate people to be His dwelling place for His expression and representation in eternity. The Passover, […]

In His Resurrection Christ Enlarged God’s Temple to be the mystical Body of Christ

God’s desire throughout the Bible is to gain a building, a mutual dwelling place of God and man; for this, He created Adam, He called Abraham, He chose Moses, He brought His people into the good land, and He did everything for His people. Throughout the Bible we can see that God’s intention is to […]

The Body of Christ, the Corporate Christ, Carries out God’s Administration Today

We need to see the vision of the Body of Christ. The Body is a mystical corporate entity composed of all the redeemed, regenerated, and transformed human beings who are united, mingled, and incorporated with the Triune God. Christ Himself is the Head of the Body, and all the genuine believers in Christ are the […]

The Seed of Abraham is First Christ and Then the Believers in Christ, the Body

For the fulfillment of God’s purpose, “the seed” is a very important matter. In the Bible we see that Christ is a threefold seed: He is the seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15), the seed of Abraham (Gen. 17:2), and the seed of David. The entire Scriptures is wrapped up with the seed in these […]

We Need to Live the Life of a God-man for the New Man as the Corporate God-man

When we say that all genuine believers in Christ are God-men, we don’t say this in a presumptuous and reckless way – we simply state what the Bible says. The Bible clearly says that Christ is the first God-man – in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, and He fully manifested God […]

Seeing a Clear Vision of the Living Person of Christ, the Wonderful Corporate “Me”

In order to complete the word of God in our experience we need to have a clear vision of what and who Christ is. It is God’s delight and pleasure to reveal His Son in us (Gal. 1:15-16). No matter how low we are, how far away from God we are, or even how good […]