God, Man, and the Existence of the Universe are for God’s Purpose to have the Church

Everything and everyone in the universe, including God, man, the planets, the air, the water, the animals, and everything else is according to God’s eternal purpose to have the church. The existence of the church is for God’s purpose to have the church. All things were and were created for God’s will, His purpose, and […]

Ezekiel 1 unveils God’s Desire to be Expressed Corporately in Christ and His Body

Ezekiel 1, the deepest chapter in the whole Bible, unveils to us the desire of God’s heart and the purpose He wants to accomplish; in this chapter we see that God obtains a corporate expression of Himself in Christ and His Body, that is, the Man on the throne and the four living creatures on […]

The Desire of God’s Heart is Fulfilled when His Glory Fills the Tabernacle, the Church

This is our last week in the Crystallization-Study of Exodus, and the topic we are enjoying is, The Erecting of the Tabernacle and the Tabernacle, the Cloud, and the Glory being a Full Type of the Triune God (based on Exo. 40, the last chapter of Exodus, where we see the desire of God’s heart […]

Taking Christ as Life and Everything for us to be Transformed and Built up Together

I have never before considered the tabernacle and the priesthood together, but this week I have seen something further concerning this: the Lord’s heart’s desire is the building, the main emphasis of the Bible is life and building, and the tabernacle (the building of God) is actually the same as the priesthood (the built up […]

God’s Building is the Desire of God’s Heart and the Goal of His Salvation

The book of Exodus is a book of pictures, starting from the portrait of life in the world under Satan’s usurpation and ending with God’s building, the goal of God’s salvation. The experiences that the people of Israel went through are a portrait and a type of our own Christian experience, and today we as […]

Seeing the Desire of God’s Heart, the Building of God’s Dwelling Place on Earth

In the book of Exodus we see how God called Moses, prepared him, and sent him to deliver His people from the usurpation and tyranny of Pharaoh in Egypt; God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt with a mighty hand, bringing them across the Red Sea and into the wilderness so that they […]

being the overcomers in the church for God to obtain Zion, His heart’s desire!

The Lord’s desire today is to obtain the Zion in Jerusalem, the overcomers in the churches, those who are ripened earlier for His satisfaction, those who will bring Him back. The Lord said He will return soon, but it has been over 2000 years since He ascended to the Father – why has He not […]