The Church is an Organism, so we all are being Perfected to Function in the Body

The practice of the God-ordained way to meet and serve comes out of our seeing that the church is an organism as a mingling of God and man, produced by the Triune God in his Divine Trinity. We thank and praise the Lord for showing us the light and revelation regarding the scriptural way to […]

Jehovah Bless you, Keep you, Shine on You, be Gracious to you, and Give you Peace!

The real blessing is God Himself; blessing is not a thing but a Person – God in Christ as the Spirit to be everything to us for our enjoyment. When Jacob blessed his sons, God blessed them. In Numbers 6:22-27 we see a pattern of blessing – God commanded the priests to bless the people, […]

Seeing the Church as a Corporate Thornbush Burning with the God of Resurrection

The vision of the burning thornbush impressed Moses and stayed with him throughout his life, so that at the end of his life as he was speaking his departing words and he was blessing the children of Israel he said, ….With the choicest things of the earth, and the fullness thereof, and the favor of […]

the focus of the Epistles in the New Testament is the Divine Trinity for the divine dispensing

What is the focus of all the 22 epistles in the New Testament? Have you ever considered that there’s something deeper in the Epistles, like an underlying structure, a focus? I personally haven’t, to be honest, but by enjoying the morning revival on, The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery, especially week two, I have been so impressed with this… The focus of the Epistles in the New Testament is not doctrines, teachings, Christianity, working for God, outward practices, etc – the focus of the Epistles is the Divine Trinity for the Divine Dispensing! [read online a comprehensive list of verses in the Epistles clearly showing us the Triune God dispensing Himself into man!]

the Triune God is not for theological understanding but for the divine dispensing!

With our natural mind we cannot understand the Triune God; God being Triune, One yet Three, Three yet One – this blows our mind away. As someone said, To understand God you need to BE God. But everywhere in the Bible we see the Triune God! The whole Bible is saturated with the Divine Trinity! And the main aspect we see about the Triune God is that He is not for our mental comprehension or theological understanding but He is for dispensing all that He is into us! God is Triune so that God the Father in the Son through the Spirit would impart all the riches of God into man! [read more concerning the Focus of the Epistles – the Divine Trinity for the Divine Dispensing]

the gospel is the answer and the key to the five main mysteries in the universe

The Bible unveils the keys to the mystery of God, man, the universe, the church, and the future. God is a mystery – no one has ever seen or touched God, but He exists and He is a mystery to man. The universe is also a mystery – immeasurable, uncomprehensible. Man is a mystery both to himself and to others! The church is a mystery – especially in its definition and its purpose. Also, our future is a mystery, especially the future of the mankind. The Bible reveals these mysteries, and Romans 8 especially unveils and explains these mysteries! [continue reading this portion online + add your comment as a strengthening]

Christ is our Forerunner, the heavenly Minister, and the Surety and Mediator of a better covenant!

Christ as the all-inclusive One is our Forerunner(Heb. 6:20) – He is the Pioneer, the One who has cut the way into glory to enter within the veil. All the believers in Christ are running in God’s race, and the man Jesus Christ is our Forerunner in this race – He has run the race […]