Seeing how the Entire Divine Trinity is Revealed in the Type of the Burnt Offering

The entire Divine Trinity is revealed in the type of the burnt offering – Christ the Son is the burnt offering, the tent of meeting, and the offerer; Jehovah as the Receiver and the fire is actually God the Father; and the water washing the inward parts is a type of the Spirit. The entire […]

Seeing the Economy of the Mystery Hidden in God and daily Receiving God’s Dispensing

From the beginning of the world the purpose of creation was a mystery hidden in God, but in the New Testament God has revealed the economy of the mystery to His believers, showing us that His intention is to gain the church, His corporate expression. Everything in the universe exists for a purpose, because God, […]

Enjoying the Triune God in the Divine Dispensing for the Building up of the Church

The desire of God’s heart is to have a built-up church as His house, His dwelling place with and among men, and the way He gains it in His economy is by His divine dispensing – the dispensing of the Divine Trinity into man for the producing and building up of the church. God does […]

The Prayer that Expresses God’s Will according to the Pattern of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord Jesus taught us in Matt. 6 a pattern of prayer – the prayer that expresses God’s will (see Matt. 6:9-15). The principle of prayer set forth by the Lord in this portion includes three basic prayers concerning God, three requests for our needs, and three reverent praises as extolling prayers; all these three […]

The Divine Trinity is Working Together to Bring us into the Holy City (the 12 gates)

At the end of the Bible we see the New Jerusalem, the wife of the Lamb, the city-bride who marries Christ and the place where God dwells, is expressed, and reigns (see Rev. 21-22). If the New Jerusalem is the consummation of God’s work throughout the ages and from eternity to eternity, it is impossible […]

A Life that Can Carry Out the Work of the Ministry to Build up the Body of Christ

In the first part of chapter 4 of Ephesians we see the organic reality and the intrinsic things related to the work of the ministry (which is the building up of the Body of Christ) and in the second part of the chapter we see a picture of a life that can carry out this […]

the focus of the Epistles in the New Testament is the Divine Trinity for the divine dispensing

What is the focus of all the 22 epistles in the New Testament? Have you ever considered that there’s something deeper in the Epistles, like an underlying structure, a focus? I personally haven’t, to be honest, but by enjoying the morning revival on, The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery, especially week two, I have been so impressed with this… The focus of the Epistles in the New Testament is not doctrines, teachings, Christianity, working for God, outward practices, etc – the focus of the Epistles is the Divine Trinity for the Divine Dispensing! [read online a comprehensive list of verses in the Epistles clearly showing us the Triune God dispensing Himself into man!]