Eating the Lord’s Humanity for our Life to be a Duplication of Christ’s God-man Living

The meal offering typifies first Christ in His God-man living, and it also typifies our Christian life as a duplication of Christ’s God-man living, for when we eat the human life and living of Jesus, His human living becomes ours. We praise the Lord for coming to be the reality of all the offerings, and […]

The Mysterious Thought in the Bible Concerning God’s Relationship with Man

There’s a mysterious thought in the Bible concerning God’s relationship with man. If you read the Old and the New Testament, you could say that outwardly God wants to gain a people who would have Him as their God, would worship Him, and would bear His name among the peoples. Many people who read the […]

God Created Man in His Image and According to His Likeness for Man to Express God!

On the sixth day of God’s creation and process of restoration He created man in His own image and according to His likeness (see Gen. 1:26). God’s creation of man was more particular than His creation of any other thing: there was a council held in the Three of the Godhead, and the result was […]

Being Infused with God to Become the Same as He is for God’s Building

Christ is the Stone with seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God. When we come to the Lord to spend time with Him, He infuses us through His seven eyes, and we are being transformed from glory to glory into His image (1 Cor. 3:18). Something happens in us organically as we spend […]

women in the Old Testament typifying the church as Christ’s counterpart

In our love relationship with the Lord we are the wife, the female, and He is the Husband, the male. In the Old Testament there are several women that can be considered as a type of the church due to their marriage to certain men who were types of Christ. Paul himself expounded on people […]

becoming the same as Christ to be qualified to work with Him for His Body

Who can work with the Lord for the Body? In Song of Songs we see that if we would work with the Lord for the Body we need to become the Shulammite, one who is qualified to work with the Beloved (see Song of Songs 6:13; 7:1-13). In other words, for us to work with […]

becoming the reproduction of Christ as the meal offering church life today

We are slowly and surely becoming the reproduction of Jesus Christ as the corporate meal offering church life! The genuine church today is nothing else but the corporate living of the believers in Christ who are the reproduction and duplication of Christ – it is Jesus living again in His believers. We are imitating Christ in His life by eating Christ and becoming Christ’s reproduction organically. We all are learning to deny ourselves, remaining in Christ’s death, living under the cross, by the power of Christ’s resurrection. When an unbeliever comes in and sees this, he senses that God is among us! Wow, the corporate God-man living, the reproduction of Christ as the meal-offering church life! [continue reading online]