New Jerusalem is a Corporate God-man, the Consummation of the High Peak of Revelation

The consummation of the central vision of God’s economy and of the high peak of the divine revelation is the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2, 9-11); the new Jerusalem is a corporate God-man and the consummation of the high peak of the divine revelation. The central vision of God’s economy is the experience of Christ as […]

The Desire of God’s Heart is Fulfilled when His Glory Fills the Tabernacle, the Church

This is our last week in the Crystallization-Study of Exodus, and the topic we are enjoying is, The Erecting of the Tabernacle and the Tabernacle, the Cloud, and the Glory being a Full Type of the Triune God (based on Exo. 40, the last chapter of Exodus, where we see the desire of God’s heart […]

The Body of Christ is the Enlargement of Christ, the Mingling of God with man

It is God’s mercy for us to see HOW does Christ build up the church as the temple of God, and to realize that He doesn’t need our “help” to build the church but He only needs that we LET Him build Himself into us to mingle Himself with us for the building up of […]

In the Church All the Gifts, Functions, and Experiences of Christ must be Balanced

The goal of God’s eternal economy is the church as the temple of God. We need to be refreshed concerning the greatest truth in the Bible, God’s eternal economy. The entire Bible is concerning God’s economy – God has a plan, a heart’s desires, a way, and a goal. God’s plan is simply to fill […]

Allowing God to Mingle Himself with us to be the Church, the Mingling of God and Man

As the Body of Christ, the church is the enlargement of Christ, the enlargement of the One who is the mingling of God and man. God’s purpose is to mingle Himself with His chosen people so that He would become their life, nature, and content, and so that they would become His corporate expression. The Lord […]

Drinking of God as the Fountain of Living Waters to Become His Increase

We as Christians and genuine believers in Christ need to do one thing: we need to drink of God as the fountain of living waters! Yes, we need to read the Bible, we need to pray, we need to meet with other saints, and we need to do so many other things, but first and […]

God’s Goal in His Eternal Economy is the Temple of God, His Corporate Building

These past six weeks we have been enjoying visions after visions and revelations after revelations in the book of Daniel, and it is very encouraging and inspiring to see how Daniel and his companions overcame in that dark situation and even prayed to release God’s will on the earth. In the following six weeks we […]