Seeing how a Lover of the Lord Becomes Full of the Stature of Christ in Song of Songs

The book of Song of Songs shows us how a believer is growing in life unto maturity to fully match Christ, even becoming the Shulammite, the feminine form of Solomon – the same as Christ in every possible way. The loving seeker of Christ is progressively experiencing Christ until he reaches full maturity, becoming the […]

We are Called to Live with Christ in His Ascension, as Seen in Song of Songs

A practical application and a sweet illustration of the progress made by the seeking lover of the Lord, the book of Song of Songs shows us how we can progressively experience Christ in our loving fellowship with Him until we become just like Him, matching Him as our Bridegroom. Hudson Taylor called this book, A […]

One who is Full of the Stature of Christ Reigns with Christ and Deals with the Enemy

Being full of the stature of Christ is a Body matter – it cannot be accomplished individually. We need to remain in the Body and experience Christ for the Body so that we may attain to maturity in the spiritual life. Also, as we let the life of Christ grow in us and saturate all […]

A Mature Believer is Full of the Life of Christ and he’s in the Position of Ascension

What does it mean, according to the Bible and according to our Christian experience, to be full of the stature of Christ? First of all, being full of the stature of Christ can be something we attain only in the Body and with the Body. Secondly, being full of the stature of Christ means that […]

5 Steps of Christ’s Growth in us, and How our Arriving to Maturity is in the Body

God’s desire is not only that He would save man from eternal perdition, but that man would be filled with Christ and even become Christ to express God in full. For this, God regenerates us with His life when we repent and believe into the Lord Jesus. Then, He grows in us and expands in […]

Being Full of the Stature of Christ for the Building up of the Body of Christ

God’s desire is not only to save as many people as possible, but that His people would grow in life unto maturity to arrive at a full-grown man. This means that as we grow in number in the local churches, there’s a parallel great and urgent need for all the saints to grow in the […]

Receive the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit by Means of All Prayer

In exhorting us to take up the whole armor of God in Eph. 6, Paul puts the offensive weapon, the sword of the Spirit, at the very end. First, he encourages us to be girded with the truth (living Christ as the reality), put on the breastplate of righteousness (apply the blood of Christ to […]