a trainee’s testimony – the sweetest time is in the saints’ homes (the real family life)

The atmosphere in the homes is very cherishing and not religious at all. Most of all I enjoyed that this is not “the time for professionals showing of their eloquence or good Bible knowledge”. On the contrary, it is a sweet and intimate time for the family to come together to enjoy the sweetest Person in the universe together! It is indeed the real family life and actually the highest life because we all share God’s life. My desire is that this fresh taste I got this autumn I hope will continue after my time in the training so that this becomes a practical part of my daily living. [continue reading this portion of sharing from a trainee in FTTL online + add your bit of enjoyment]

a trainee’s testimony – learning the basic lesson of daily contacting the Lord by enjoying Him

Our Christian life is a life of romance with the Lord. I am a country girl, we are all the country girls, yet in time He came to us as a Country Man to court us and gain us to be His bride. How lovely He is! I love Him as such a divine-human being. Our Triune God is a lovely One, He knows exactly how to attract us, to deal with us, and to gain us. Though we can’t physically see this One, by gazing at Him we are infused with Him as faith, and our reaction to this attractive One is our love for Him. [continue reading this testimony online]

a trainee’s testimony – learning to put myself aside and enjoy the Lord with the saints!

In my individual dealing with my ‘self’ I have been learning to put myself aside, especially when we go out on the campus to preach the gospel or to nourish our contacts. Many times I have been busy with my own things, I felt tired, and I didn’t even have any willingness to go out; however, the Lord has been reminding me to seek first His Kingdom (Matt. 6:33) and put Him first in any kinds of situation. I must exercise my will to choose what the Lord wants and rather forget about myself, my own feelings, and my own needs. It’s a privilege to be out on the campus and speak to people and take care of those that have already been captured by the Lord! It’s wonderful to be with the saints and the students. Plus I loved going to Uxbridge where sister Gloria bakes the most delicious cakes for every Friday night meeting! [continue reading this sweet testimony from a sister who just finished her first semester in the Full Time Training in London, UK]

a trainee’s testimony – the full time training is the best place to be infused with God!

The life in the training is a practice of the kingdom life. I wasn’t bothered that much by the outward problems and difficulties that I faced, but I started to see my old man who is very active, wanting to fulfill God’s law. But I realized that only Christ can make it. I must be defeated and let Christ be victorious in me in every way [read online the sweet testimony of a trainee after his first semester in the FTTL, the Full Time Training in London, UK]

one week training in Bower House – we need to grow in life unto maturity to be useful

I recently attended a one-week training that was held in Bower House and I can say that it was the most memorable week in my life. Some are dreading to go to training but in my case it was different. Months before the much awaited week I was already so excited about it [read more online from the top enjoyment of a sister who recently went to the One Week Training in Bower House]

the full time training is for the building up of the Body of Christ! (short testimony)

Even though I was in the FTTL for a short period of time, I was brought into the realization of a lot of things. WE NEED TO BE TRAINED! After one month and one week of short term training, I realised that 2 years is definitely necessary. In the training, you are brought on the high mountain and you enjoy God’s presence and His infusion. Can you imagine – Moses went up to the mountain and stayed there to enjoy the infusion of the Lord for “JUST” 40 days, and this caused him to express the glory of God? What about being in God’s presence for 2 years? [testimony from a brother who recently joined the FTTL short-term]

the world situation and God’s move: Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites! (2011 Poland camp)

I have been wanting to go this conference since I was 14(which was 6 years ago). It was a dream come true and I am so thankful that the Lord opened a way for me to go. I was also re-baptized! This year’s topic was the Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy portrayed in Exodus. The […]