The Church is Built with Resurrection Life and Washed by the Word to be the Bride

As seen in the type of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 and shown throughout the New Testament, the church comes out of Christ, is built in His resurrection life, and is composed of all the believers in Christ who are being transformed to be the counterpart of Christ, the reproduction of Christ. We may […]

God Intends that Man Would Subdue Satan and Recover the Earth Back to God

God created a corporate man in His image, according to His likeness, so that He may be expressed and represented by this man having dominion over all things (see Gen. 1:26-28). We are created in God’s image and with His likeness not to focus on our little self, our problems, our petty concerns, or our […]

having a rich entrance into the eternal kingdom by growing in the divine life

The Bible clearly says that if we are faithful to grow unto maturity and live the kingdom life today we will receive a reward from the Lord at His coming, but if we do not grow and develop now, we will receive a dispensational punishment. Let us look at the reward and run forward with endurance – let us live in the reality of the kingdom today by allowing the divine life to rule and reign in us! If today we live in our spirit, in the reality of the kingdom life, we will be rewarded by the Lord at His coming with a rich entrance into the manifestation of His kingdom! It is then that we will inherit the kingdom of God, who will be our reward. [continue reading this portion online]

God beheld the man He created and it was VERY GOOD(enjoyment from a home meeting)

Dear saints, I enjoyed tonight in our home meeting the matter of REST. For a man to truly rest is not easy. Only someone who has a desire and a plan and who then works hard to see that thing accomplished – and accomplished well – can really rest! Someone may want to go to […]