The Type, Reality, and Consummation of the Tabernacle, God’s Corporate Expression

The consummation of all God’s work in Exodus is the tabernacle, and in its spiritual significance we can see the type, the reality, and the consummation of the tabernacle, which reveal the goal of God’s economy to have a corporate people to be His dwelling place for His expression and representation in eternity. The Passover, […]

The Goal of God’s Eternal Economy is the Reality of the Organic Body of Christ

In the church life today we must walk in the truth of the heavenly vision of God’s economy, aim at the mark of God’s economy, and do everything for the goal of God’s eternal economy; the vision of God’s economy needs to be renewed in us day by day to be a controlling vision of […]

The New Jerusalem is the Consummation of the Building up of the Body in the Local Churches

The New Jerusalem as the consummation of all that God is doing is rich in meaning and profound in all its aspects. One aspect of the New Jerusalem is that it is the consummation of the organic building up of the Body of Christ in all the local churches. Today the Lord has put us […]

Our Unique Goal is to Live and Work out the New Jerusalem, the Goal of God’s Economy

What is the goal of your Christian life and work? What are you living for, and what is the ultimate goal of everything that you do? God’s unique goal in His divine economy is the New Jerusalem, and He does everything for the obtaining of this holy city. God desires to obtain a building which […]