New Jerusalem is the Universal Golden Lampstand, the Ultimate Consummation of the Lampstands

The New Jerusalem, the holy city, is the universal golden lampstand, the ultimate consummation of the lampstands in the Scriptures. The entire city is like a mountain of gold, and on top of it there’s the throne of God and the Lamb, where God shines in the Lamb as the lamp, and this light is […]

Christ takes care of the Local Churches by Cherishing them and Nourishing them

The golden lampstand in the tabernacle is a mysterious sign of the mysterious Triune God in His expression: the gold shows how God the Father is the nature and element, the form shows how God the Son is the expression of God the Father, and the seven lamps show how God the Spirit is the […]

Being Fully Open to the Lord for Him Shine on us, Expose us, and Infuse us with Life

The golden lampstand in the tabernacle, the house of God, was a piece of furniture designed by God Himself: only God can design such a lamp which bears light and yet looks like a tree, with cups, calyxes, and almond blossoms! The type of the lampstand points to the Triune God: the Father is the […]

The Triune God as a Living Golden Tree is Growing and Blossoming in us and with us

As believers in Christ we need to enjoy and experience Christ in many aspects and in many ways for the building up of the church as the Body of Christ. The tabernacle in Exodus with all its furnishings is a type of our experience of Christ in a specific and detailed way for the building […]

The Local Churches are the Reproduction of Christ and the Reprint of the Spirit

The golden lampstand in Exodus 25 was designed by God Himself, and we need a spirit of wisdom and revelation to understand the intrinsic significance of the golden lampstand so that we may realize that it portrays the goal of God’s eternal economy. The golden lampstand is not merely a lamp to shine in the […]

The Golden Lampstand Signifies the Triune God and the Church as God’s Expression

After seeing the significance and application of the ark of the testimony with its propitiation cover and the table of the bread of the presence, this week we are getting into the deeper significance of the golden lampstand. In our crystallization-study of Exodus we want to see not only the types and meaning of these […]

By the Lord’s Trimming and Supplying we are Organically Constituted as His Overcomers

The Lord Jesus as the High Priest cherishes the churches in His humanity and nourishes them in His divinity. He is right now walking among the local churches in order to know their situation, and in His priestly service He trims the charred wicks and adds the oil. On the one hand, in His speaking […]