The Corporate Christ as a Stone Cut Without Hands will Crush the Great Human Image!

These past few days we have been prayerfully studying Daniel 2 and the prophecies concerning the great human image. As frightful as it may be and as great as the human government seems to be today, the destiny of the great human image is to be crushed by a stone cut out without hands (Dan. […]

Having the Proper Attitude as we See the Prophecies Being Fulfilled in the Last Days

All God’s people need to see and be clear of what the Bible says it will happen in the last days. We are living in the last days, at the end of this age, and we need the Lord to enlighten the eyes of our heart and to remove any veils that we may clearly […]

Being Clear about the Age We are in Today: Human Government is About to End!

We need to be clear what age we live in today. In the history class as we grew up we might have been taught about many empires and many peoples, but in God’s eyes there are only four empires that represent the entire human government throughout history. These four empires are the Babylonian empire, the […]

The Controlling Vision in Daniel: the Vision of the Great Image in Daniel 2

This week in our morning revival we come to the topic of, The Vision of the Great Image—the Controlling Vision in the Book of Daniel. In the book of Daniel we see many visions, but the governing vision that interprets all the other visions is the vision of the great image in Daniel 2. This […]