The Increase of Christ in us is for the Building up of the Body of Christ in Love

What the Lord is after today is not individual Christians who are spiritual and can express God – He desires to gain the Body of Christ, and the unique work Christ is doing is the building up of the Body for God to have a corporate expression in man. Christ Himself is the unique Head […]

The Growth in Life is Christ Wrought into us and Formed in us by Saturating Us

The growth in life is Christ wrought into us and formed in us until Christ is fully grown into us; He does this by making His home in our heart and by saturating every part of our heart with Himself until He takes full possession. Christ is all-inclusive, vast, immense, and He fills all in […]

The Building up of the Body of Christ is the Growth in Life of All the Believers

We need to give the Lord the freedom and the permission to touch us, enlighten us, and speak a direct word to us concerning the building up of the church as the Body of Christ. We may have seen a vision of God’s building and we may have realized that the building is the highest […]