The Seven Spirits of God Burn us and Refine us to Produce the Golden Lampstands

These days we have been getting into the matter of the golden lampstand – it’s significance, the type, the application, and what does it mean in our experience as Christians. We have seen that the lampstand in Exodus 25 typifies Christ, the lampstand in Zechariah 3 typifies the Spirit, and the seven lampstands in Revelation […]

Not Being Proud but Honoring God (in Whose Hand is our Breath) by Enjoying Him

In the book of Daniel we see three crucial matters: God’s heavenly rule (the heavens rule!), the preeminence of Christ, and the destiny apportioned by God for His people (especially Israel). God has an economy, a plan, and in His economy He administrates the universe to fulfill His purpose, which is to make Christ preeminent […]

Seeing a Vision of God and His Universal Dominion: God is on the Throne Today!

Because Daniel was a faithful servant of the Lord, absolute for God, a prayerful person, and victorious, he was positioned to receive vision upon vision from God. The visions he received were not concerning small things but concerning God and His economy, including the earthly nations, the destiny of Israel (God’s chosen people), and even […]

God Rules For Christ to Have the Preeminence in Us and Be Everything To Us

God’s desire is to give Christ the preeminence in all things – He wants Christ to have the first place in all things (see Col. 1:15, 18). In the old creation, Christ is preeminent – He is the firstborn of all creation. In the new creation, Christ is preeminent – He is the firstborn from […]

Being Brought into the Realm of God’s Economy for Christ to be Our Everything

In this universe there’s a throne, the throne of God, and God sits on the throne administrating the whole universe. We need to be in spirit as the apostle John was, and we will see the throne set up in heaven (Rev. 4:2). Don’t believe what you see, and don’t think that man can do […]

The Heavens Rule – The Most High is the Ruler over All the Kingdom of Men!

These coming weeks we are getting into a crystallization-study of the books of Daniel and Zechariah, and this week particularly we will focus on an amazing topic, The Rule of the Heavens, the Economy of God, and the Excellent Christ as the Precious and Preeminent One in God’s Move. Wow! I am prepared to be […]