Keeping the Law of the House of God and being Fashioned According to God’s House

Since today we are no longer in the age of the law but in the age of the church, we need to keep the law of the house of God, and we need to fashion ourselves according to the church. Our main concern should not be with behaving ourselves or with becoming a spiritual person, […]

Being Joined together in the Way of Life through Grafting for the Building of God

The revelation in Ezekiel 37 shows that the unique way to have the Body, the church, and the House of God in the genuine oneness is the way of life, just as the bones came together and were enlivened to become an army, and the two pieces of wood were joined to be one in […]

The Goal of God’s Eternal Purpose is to have a Corporate People as His Dwelling Place

It is quite amazing to be enlightened by the Lord and realize that the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation (including the book of Exodus, which we are studying now) speaks concerning God’s eternal purpose, and that the goal of God’s eternal purpose is to have a corporate people to be His dwelling place for […]

Enjoying the Triune God in the Divine Dispensing for the Building up of the Church

The desire of God’s heart is to have a built-up church as His house, His dwelling place with and among men, and the way He gains it in His economy is by His divine dispensing – the dispensing of the Divine Trinity into man for the producing and building up of the church. God does […]

Our Work, Behavior, and Person must Match the Church as the House of God

This week we shift our focus from the crystallization study of Exodus to The Church as the Temple of God – The Goal of God’s Eternal Economy, and more specifically we want to see our need to go on with the Lord from the “tabernacle church life” to the “temple church life”. We need the […]

Being Measured, Checked, and Fashioned According to the Church, the House of God

The Lord’s greatest promise and prophecy is, I will build My church (Matt. 16:18); the church as God’s building is the center of God’s heart’s desire and the focus of His purpose. Today we are in the age of the church, and God cares only for the building up of the church. We are in […]

The Significance of the Stone, the Pillar, the House of God, and the Oil in Gen. 28

The dream that Jacob had in Genesis 28 is the most crucial point in the whole book of Genesis and the most crucial word in the revelation of God. Jacob, a supplanter who ran away from his parents house for fear of his brother whose birthright and firstborn blessing he stole, was wandering in the […]