Seeing the Divine History within the Human History with Christ and the Church

It is amazing to see how the Bible reveals the universal history according to God’s economy; what we see in the Bible is not merely human history nor just the divine history, but the divine history within the human history. On the one hand, we need to realize that our God is sovereign, and this […]

Christ is God’s History working within Man’s History to Gain God’s Building

When we read the book of Zechariah, just as with many other prophetic books in the Bible, it is not easy to see what’s going on and what is the prophet speaking about. We really need to put on “the glasses of God’s economy” so that we may see the crystals, the precious points, in […]

The Controlling Vision in Daniel: the Vision of the Great Image in Daniel 2

This week in our morning revival we come to the topic of, The Vision of the Great Image—the Controlling Vision in the Book of Daniel. In the book of Daniel we see many visions, but the governing vision that interprets all the other visions is the vision of the great image in Daniel 2. This […]

seeing the divine history from Christ’s crucifixion to the New Jerusalem

Isn’t it so mysterious to be talking about, the divine history within the human history? And yet we, as believers in Christ, are those who daily endeavor to be here, live here, and have our whole being with all our activities and things in the developing divine history hidden within the human history. This history […]

God uses “the locusts” to carry out His purpose and fulfill His interest!

Did you see the divine history within the human history? The truth is that the four kinds of locusts mentioned in Joel 1 and which are now operating in the world are way too obvious and outward and all over the place, and this may cause many saints and lovers of Christ to be wearied […]

the divine history within the human history, God’s economy and purpose

In school we are being taught about the history of our nation & the history of the continent we live in & the history of the world. We daily hear/watch news about the leaders of the countries taking certain decisions, events taking place in different parts of the world, wars, good news or bad news. […]