As the One holding the Key of David, Christ Makes us a Part of the New Jerusalem

To the church in Philadelphia the Lord introduces Himself as the Holy One, the true One, the One who has the key of David, the One who opens and no one will shut, and shuts and no one opens (Rev. 3:4); the fact that Christ has the key of David is very meaningful, for this […]

seeing our responsibility as the church and rising up to pray fighting prayers!

In the entire Scriptures we see that God’s ultimate goal and His purpose is to build a temple a dwelling place, which is mutual abode for Himself and His elect. This is what is on His heart, and this is what He desires. In order for Him to build up such a dwelling place, God […]

Christ as our replacement is a peg driven into a sure place, a throne of glory, and the One on whom all the vessels hang

As we saw in the previous portion, Christ as the all-inclusive replacement of everything else in God’s economy with Himself is represented by David – Christ is the real David, since He is the One who builds the house of God and the kingdom of God. As the greater David, Christ has built up the […]

Christ is the Steward in God’s house, a father to us, and the One who holds the key of David!

Hallelujah for Christ as the Unique Replacement of everything else with Himself in God’s economy! In Isaiah we see another full type of Christ in the person of Eliakim who is set by God to replace Shebna, to be the steward in the house of the king. But it’s not just that: in only 3 […]