Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing Concerning Issachar potrays the Church Life Today

Jacob’s prophesying with blessing concerning each of his sons is very significant, being fulfilled both in their life as tribes in Israel and in our spiritual experience today in the church as the real Israel of God. When he spoke of Judah, Jacob likened him to a lion who is victorious, gets the prey and […]

As Kingdom People, We are Living as a Sheaf of Life and Shining as Stars of Light

In Genesis 37-39 we see that, while Joseph’s brothers were drowning in the water of human anger and lust, Joseph lived as a sheaf of life and shined as a star of light. The Bible doesn’t say anywhere that Joseph remembered the dreams and he “did his best to live according to what he dreamed”, but […]

a trainee’s testimony – the full time training is the best place to be infused with God!

The life in the training is a practice of the kingdom life. I wasn’t bothered that much by the outward problems and difficulties that I faced, but I started to see my old man who is very active, wanting to fulfill God’s law. But I realized that only Christ can make it. I must be defeated and let Christ be victorious in me in every way [read online the sweet testimony of a trainee after his first semester in the FTTL, the Full Time Training in London, UK]