Standing on the Unique Ground of God’s Choice to be the Testimony of God in Oneness

This week we want to enjoy a sweet, soothing, flavorful, and aromatic word in God’s word on Jehovah’s commanded blessing of life on brothers who dwell together in oneness, and today in particular we want to see the unique ground of God’s choice – the ground of oneness. Psalms 133-134 are so sweet and wonderful, […]

Taking the Lead to Stand on the Unique Ground of the Church, the Ground of Oneness

Ever since the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead and became a life-giving Spirit which was both breathed into His disciples for their living and poured out upon them as power for their work, there is such a thing in this universe called, the church. God has on earth not only a group of […]

Being in the Realm of Oneness by Exercising our Spirit to be Mingled with the Spirit

There’s very much confusion today concerning the church, and it seems that most believers join the church of their preference, since there are so many options out there. But in the beginning it was not so! We need to return to the Lord’s word in the New Testament and see the basic principle concerning the […]

Keeping the Unique Oneness of the Body of Christ on the Unique Ground of Locality

In order for us to know the church, we must first recognize the ground of the church. The one unique foundation of the church is Christ Himself, and no other foundation can anyone lay besides Christ, but the ground of the church is the practice of the oneness of the universal Body of Christ on […]

standing on the unique ground of the church for the Lord to gain His overcomers

In the Bible there is a very simple and at the same time very powerful principle related to the church: one city, one church – within one city there is only one local church. In the early days, the believers practiced it all the time – the practice of the church life after the Pentecost […]

knowing the Body in practice: the universal church and the local churches

On the one hand, we need to know the Body of Christ in life – Christ is the life of the Body of Christ, and the Body is a mingling of divinity with humanity. When we see that the Christ we have received through regeneration is the life of the Body of Christ, we will […]

seeing what it means to be a genuine church in the focus of the Lord’s recovery

To be in the Lord’s recovery means that we are Christians NOT just for our own need and not just for ourselves (we don’t focus only on, What can God do for me?) – we are Christians for God’s need, God’s pleasure, God’s heart’s desire, and even God’s goal! Yes, we have our needs, we see what we are, but what about God’s need? What about God’s purpose, His goal, and His economy? We are here learning to lift our view from our petty needs and problems, and look to the Lord to be one with Him for His economy, His need. [read more online]