We need to See that the Lord’s Recovery is Different from Today’s Christianity

The Lord’s recovery is different from today’s Christianity, and it is impossible for there to be reconciliation between the Lord’s recovery of the church and Christianity. This may sound like a strong statement – and it really is a strong statement, but this is the absolute truth. If the Lord has mercy on us to […]

Praising Christ the King in His Kingdom and in the Sweetness of His Virtues (Psa. 45)

Psalm 45 is full of the praise of Christ, and in the first eight verses we see praising Christ the King in His fairness, His victory, His kingdom, and His virtues; our Christ, the King, is more than worthy to be praised and spoken well of! He is fairer than the sons of men – […]

The Lord’s Recovery is for the Building up of the Universal Organic Body of Christ

This morning I was encouraged to realize that the Lord’s recovery is based upon the truth that Christ has only one Body, and the Lord’s recovery is for the building up of the Body of Christ and not for any particular local church or individual. The Lord’s urgent need today on earth is to gain […]

New Jerusalem is the Universal Golden Lampstand, the Ultimate Consummation of the Lampstands

The New Jerusalem, the holy city, is the universal golden lampstand, the ultimate consummation of the lampstands in the Scriptures. The entire city is like a mountain of gold, and on top of it there’s the throne of God and the Lamb, where God shines in the Lamb as the lamp, and this light is […]

Enjoying and Experiencing Christ for the Church, the Dwelling Place of God (Psa. 84)

Psa. 84 is very enlightening and encouraging as we try to deepen our study of the tabernacle in the Bible; in this psalm we see the yearning, desire, and love of the psalmist for the house of God, and at the same time we see God’s desire being fulfilled and Him blessing those who are […]

Preaching the Complete Gospel from Forgiveness of Sins to Living in the Body of Christ

Knowing merely that the gospel is the glad tidings saying that man has to repent and believe in Jesus to be saved from perdition – this is inadequate according to the standard set in the New Testament. The gospel as revealed in the New Testament is not a low or diluted gospel but it is […]

How the History of the Ark and the Tabernacle Prefigures the History of the Church

What God desires to obtain today is not only the local churches but the reality of the Body of Christ being lived out and expressed in the local churches all over the earth. What God desires is not merely the “tabernacle church life”, that is, the many local churches with many saints who enjoy the […]