Our Morning Watch with the Lord is Indispensable; we need to Observe it Diligently

I have been saved for about 15 years now, and I love the Lord Jesus very, very much! And I love Him not only for the eternal, unshakable salvation He granted me freely and for my eternal bright future, but also for His sweet mercy and grace reaching me daily through my morning watch with […]

learning to reject ourselves and live by the divine life for the Body of Christ

When the Lord Jesus was on the earth, He did not do anything from Himself (see John 5:19) or for Himself – He did everything as He saw the Father doing, and whatever the Father said, that’s what the Son also said. The Lord Jesus as the God-man could have lived His own life by […]

Jesus washed His disciples’ feet – so cherishing!(sharing from the college-age conference)

Praise the Lord for such a wonderful conference. Never have I seen Life and Building revealed so clearly in the Gospel of John before! I really enjoyed message six related to, The Issue of life Processed through Death and Ressurection a Divine-Human Incorporation ( John 14-16). I was really touched by the Lord’s compassion and […]

being a serving one is a matter in our spirit and following the Lord’s pattern

I always had a hard time with the idea of going to conferences as serving one – especially at young people’s conferences. It has taken a long time to see this, but the reason why I had a hard time with this is because I always saw serving in my mind and in my flesh, […]