The Impact of Seeing the Heavenly Vision and Having it Wrought into our Being

Every believer in Christ needs to see the heavenly vision, the vision of God’s economy, and this vision needs to govern, inspire, motivate, energize, and control his living. We believers are human beings just like the rest, but we have seen something of the God of glory appearing to us – we have seen God’s […]

The Glorious Christ in Revelation 1: His Hair is White, His Eyes like a Flame of Fire

In Revelation 1 we see a vision of the glorious Christ in His heavenly ministry as the Son of Man, walking among the lampstands (the local churches), having an amazing appearance. He was clothed with a long garment reaching to the feet (He’s the High Priest), and He was girded about at the breast with […]

Praying to Initiate God’s Move by Having the Upper Room Consecration Today

In the church life the leading ones, the more mature ones, need to take the lead to pray, and we all as the “all men” in 1 Tim. 2:8 need to pray in every place, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and reasoning. The sufficient and necessary condition to be met for God’s desire to […]

The Lord’s Move is in Our Move – He is the Wheel Within the Us as the Wheel

There is so much to enjoy and see concerning the vision in Ezekiel 1:15-21! The greatest revelation in the first chapter of Ezekiel is the wheel within the wheel (Ezek. 1:15-16). Christ as the hub (a small wheel) is within us as the rim (the bigger wheel, His expression on earth) causing us to move. […]

Being in the Divine Stream of Fellowship and Praying for the Ultimate Revival

Our work for the Lord needs to be in ascension, by the Spirit, and in the divine stream. This divine stream is the one flow of the Triune God from eternity into time and into eternity – and He flowed Himself into us! In this divine stream we need to have fellowship – the stream […]

we live and exist for the building up of the Body of Christ today!

The first intrinsic and inward aspect of the direction of the Lord’s move today is the building up of the organic Body of Christ for God to have a corporate expression. You can say that there is an outward aspect of the direction of the Lord’s move: His move to Europe (for God to gain […]

the direction of the Lord’s move today is to build up the organic Body of Christ

What is the direction of the Lord’s move today? In every age God is moving, and there’s a direction to His move. In our age, the direction of the Lord’s move is firstly to build up the Body of Christ for God to have a complete corporate expression in the universe! For this, we as […]