We need to See that the Lord’s Recovery is Different from Today’s Christianity

The Lord’s recovery is different from today’s Christianity, and it is impossible for there to be reconciliation between the Lord’s recovery of the church and Christianity. This may sound like a strong statement – and it really is a strong statement, but this is the absolute truth. If the Lord has mercy on us to […]

Seeing the Crucial Points of the Lord’s Recovery of the Church in the Present Age

The desire of God’s heart is to gain the church, his corporate expression, but throughout the ages the church has become degraded; we need to see the crucial points of the Lord’s recovery of the church in the present age. The Lord has been working through the ages to recover His people back to His […]

The Lord’s Recovery of the Church has been Gradual and Progressive throughout History

If we look at church history we will realise that, even though the church became degraded, the Lord’s recovery of the church has been gradual and progressive, starting from the first century and until today. We have seen that God desires to gain the church, for He created everything and everyone for the church, his […]

The Recovery of the Church in Relation to God’s Intention and Satan’s Destruction

What God desires to gain in this age is the church, and this week we want to see the original condition of the church, the degradation of the church, and the recovery of the church. According to Ephesians and to the experience of all those who seek God, there’s something hidden in the heart of […]