The Lord’s Recovery is for the Building up of the Universal Organic Body of Christ

This morning I was encouraged to realize that the Lord’s recovery is based upon the truth that Christ has only one Body, and the Lord’s recovery is for the building up of the Body of Christ and not for any particular local church or individual. The Lord’s urgent need today on earth is to gain […]

The Unique Work in the Lord’s Recovery is the Ministry of the Spirit

Our one God has only one work, and His work is to dispense Himself into man, to work Himself into man, so that man may become His collective expression, His corporate testimony. We see this everywhere in the Bible, when we read the Scriptures with God’s economy glasses on. But what is the work in […]

We Need to Know God’s Unique Work, the Unique Work in the Lord’s Recovery

In the whole universe and throughout history God has been doing only one work, to work Himself into man that He may obtain a corporate expression of Himself. There are many things that God has done, and there are many things that we as God’s people need to do, like preaching the gospel, gaining people […]

Christ as the last Craftsman will destroy human government and restore the earth

In a very real sense, what we see as human history being developed in the world today is NOT real and it is not the REAL THING. There’s a divine history happening right now within the human history, and we need to ask the Lord to open our eyes to see history the way He […]

through the church as the Zion today God will turn the whole earth to Himself

In the local churches and in the proper church life we as God’s servants “take pleasure in her stones” – we learn to take pleasure in all the saints, the stones in God’s building. We all are stones as building materials for the church (1 Pet. 2:5). We should take pleasure in all the members of the church. When we experience the resurrected Christ, we will see more than the natural features of others, and we will treasure all the other stones. Yes, others may have some peculiarities, but Christ as the stone element is in them, and we also have Christ as the stone in us! Praise the Lord for all the stones. [read more online]

seeing what it means to be a genuine church in the focus of the Lord’s recovery

To be in the Lord’s recovery means that we are Christians NOT just for our own need and not just for ourselves (we don’t focus only on, What can God do for me?) – we are Christians for God’s need, God’s pleasure, God’s heart’s desire, and even God’s goal! Yes, we have our needs, we see what we are, but what about God’s need? What about God’s purpose, His goal, and His economy? We are here learning to lift our view from our petty needs and problems, and look to the Lord to be one with Him for His economy, His need. [read more online]

The Center of Paul’s Gospel – Romans chapter 8, God’s dispensing, and the sonship

The center of Paul’s gospel is Romans chapter 8. Here he unveils the dispensing of the Triune God as life into the tripartite man. This is the focus of God’s economy: God coming into us to be our life so that we may be His corporate expression. This is experiential. The law of the Spirit of life (v. 2) is the Triune God operating in us. He first makes our spirit life (v. 10) then spreads to make our mind life (v. 6), then to impart life to our mortal body (v. 11) and to enable us to put to death all our natural living (v. 13). By this spreading of life within, we mature from children (v. 16) to sons (read more in 8:14, note 3). The goal of this expanding dispensation is our conformation to the image of God’s firstborn Son (v. 29). Lord, daily spread Yourself in our entire being until we fully express You. [guest post as the last part of the series, The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery, ITERO 2011]