God’s Economy has Become the Stewardship of God Given to All the Believers in Christ

There are many aspects to arriving at a full-grown man, at the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. One of these aspects is that we need to carry out the stewardship of God to present every man full-grown in Christ (see Col. 1:24-29). Paul was entrusted by God with a ministry – […]

Ministering Life to the Body by Experiencing Christ in the Body and For the Body

We have seen that Christ lived a sacrificing life for producing new wine to cheer God and man, and that today we as His believers should live the same kind of life for God’s satisfaction and man’s joy. We need to live a sacrificing life today, and this life is in the Body and for […]

The Triune God has been Processed and Consummated to Dispense Himself into us

This is a fact that all the believers in Christ should know, treasure, enjoy, and benefit of in their daily Christian life: the Triune God has been processed and consummated to dispense Himself into our entire tripartite being (John 7:37-39; Rom. 8:11). This means that God became a man and He passed through a long […]

Drinking of God as the Fountain of Living Waters to Become His Increase

We as Christians and genuine believers in Christ need to do one thing: we need to drink of God as the fountain of living waters! Yes, we need to read the Bible, we need to pray, we need to meet with other saints, and we need to do so many other things, but first and […]

Enjoying God as the Fountain of Living Waters and Helping Others to also Drink Him

Today we need to first enjoy God as the fountain of living waters and then be one with the Lord to encourage and shepherd others to experience and enjoy God as the fountain of living waters. The ministry of life encourages the saints, shepherds them, leads them, and guides them to one thing – to […]

Giving Life to the Sinning Brother by Asking the Lord in the Fellowship of Life

The divine life we have received through regeneration is very real and practical. In the first Epistle of John we see that life was manifested and we have seen and testify and report concerning it (1 John 1:1-3). And this life is a fellowship, a flow, something moving and growing and expanding. If we sin, […]

Experiencing the God of Resurrection and Having the Mending Ministry of Life

What God needs today in the church life is more ministers of life, persons who know Him as the God of resurrection and minister Him as the God of resurrection into others. We need to see the difference between merely having a “gift” and having the ministry of life. What is needed for the building […]