Knowing and Caring for the Body of Christ, the Intrinsic Significance of the Church

The direction of the Lord’s move today is the building up of the Body of Christ; God’s economy is to produce a Body for His Son, for the Body of Christ fulfills God’s desire to have an expression and this Body destroys Satan. The Body of Christ is the organism of the processed and consummated […]

The Ministry in the Lord’s Recovery today is the Completing Ministry of Paul

In the New Testament there is such a thing as, “the ministry”, which is unique and at the same time it is corporate, and this ministry has as result the building up of the Body of Christ. Paul realized that God had mercy on him and put him into the ministry, and he speaks of […]

The Need to be Constituted with God to Have the Ministry of Life for the Body

This week in our study we come to the topic, Ministry of Life. In Christianity today there are many “ministries”, and as soon as someone feels he has a ministry from the Lord, he goes ahead and does his best to carry it out, many times resulting in creating yet another division in the Body […]

Lord, please give me the experiences that I need that will produce this ministry!

In praying this we don’t want to be presumptious or greedy for some sort of a high position in the church, but rather we utter this deep prayer as the Lord enlightens us and inspires us for His building. For the church to be built up and for the building up of the Body of […]

we can share in Christ’s sufferings for the producing and building up of the Body of Christ

For the building up of the church we need the ministry – our experience of the riches of Christ in a subjective way, having Christ wrought into our being through all kinds of sufferings and consuming pressures…. This kind of experiences produces and constitutes the ministry for God’s new covenant, and these experiences are for the building up of the Body of Christ today! We love the ministry – we don’t “hate the gifts”, but we value more being a minister of the new covenant than desiring to be a gifted one…