The Church is the present Sabbath Rest and the Unshakable Kingdom of God today

The church is the enlargement of Christ, and, as revealed in Hebrews, the church is the real Sabbath rest and the church is the unshakable kingdom of God; coming to the church is coming to the new covenant and to the heavenly New Jerusalem. There are many wonderful and glorious aspects of the church revealed […]

Christ is the Good Shepherd, the great Shepherd, and the Shepherd of our Souls

The Lord Jesus is our Shepherd; according to the New Testament, Christ is the good Shepherd, the great Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, and the Shepherd of our souls. In Ezekiel 34 in particular we see that the Lord Himself comes to shepherd His sheep, and He will take good care of them. We all can […]

Christ is the Angel of the Covenant to Dispense the Riches of the Triune God into us

Our wonderful Christ is all-inclusive and all-extensive, and He is so much to us for our enjoyment and experience. Throughout the Bible there are many titles, statuses, and riches of Christ that are being displayed, and in particular this week we are enjoying the matter of Christ being the Angel of Jehovah for His people […]

The Blood of the Covenant is Primarily for God to be our Portion for our Enjoyment

What is the blood of the covenant, and what it is its importance and application to our Christian life? All believers know that the Lord Jesus shed His blood for us on the cross, and all genuine Christians appreciate and treasure the precious blood of Christ. But what about “the blood of the covenant”? When […]

Having a Deeper Appreciation for the Blood of Christ, the Blood of the Covenant

This week in our morning watch with the Lord we are enjoying the more intrinsic meaning of, The Blood of the Covenant. Both Moses and the Lord Jesus, when they enacted the old and the new covenant respectively, they used this expression. We need to see what the blood of the covenant is, and we […]

In the New Covenant God Forgives our Sins and by No Means Remembers them Anymore!

This week we have been enjoying and diving deeper into the new covenant, which was prophesied by Jeremiah, quoted in Hebrews, and applied to us as believers in Christ today. The primary blessing of the new covenant is the imparting of the divine into us, which brings into us God’s life with the inner law […]

In the New Covenant God is our God and we are His People, and we Know God Inwardly

The revelation of God’s highest grace toward man is His new covenant with man; in the new covenant God promises to put His law within us, write His law into our mind that we may know God, He will be our God and we will be His people, we will not need anyone to teach […]