The Cross Leads us to the Body and the Cross Operates in the Sphere of the Body

The cross and the experience of the cross is not an end in itself; the cross leads us to the Body of Christ, the cross operates in the sphere of the Body, and in the Body of Christ we cannot go on without the cross. The cross of Christ and the experience of the cross […]

Different Aspects of the Gospel as revealed in the Four Gospels in the New Testament

The gospel is the greatest subject in the New Testament, and both the Lord Jesus and Paul spent a lot of time to proclaim the gospel. However, this gospel is not the diluted and low gospel one hears in today’s Christianity, such as “repent and believe in Jesus to go to heaven and be saved […]

In His ascension in His heavenly ministry Christ constitutes the new creation for the New Jerusalem!

God’s original intention was not just to have the creation of the universe and the creation of man – He was looking for something more. This is why He put man in front of the tree of life – God does not just want MAN, but He wants man to receive Him as life, be filled with Him as life, and live Him out as his life! But God had to wait for at least 2000 years until He could enter man – the old creation, of which Adam was the head, was without God until the Lord Jesus came! Actually, the old creation is OLD because God, who is NEW, is not in it! When we are born as human beings, no matter how good or spiritual our parents or our family is, we are born in the old creation, without having the divine life and nature. We can receive the divine life and the divine nature ONLY by believing into the Lord Jesus Christ and thus being regenerated by the Spirit! This is the way to become “a new creation” – no longer just the old creation but a new creation that has God in it! The new creation is actually the old creation transformed by the divine life, by the processed Triune God! Hallelujah, as believers we have God in us – and we are a new creation! 2 Cor. 5:17 clearly says this,

we need to pass through Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, and the river Jordan – for the new creation!

There is a story in the Old Testament about Elijah the prophet and his disciple / continuation, Elisha. In 1 Kings 2:1-15 we see that Elijah was about to be raptured, so he told Elisha to stay in that place where they were because God called him to go to Gilgal. Elisha said, “As Jehovah […]

the old creation and the new creation as revealed in the Bible and in the book of Isaiah

The book of Isaiah is like a miniature of the entire Bible: it has 66 chapters(just as the Bible has 66 books), the first 39 chapters talk mainly about the old creation(and they correspond to the Old Testament, which has 39 books), the last 27 chapters talk about the new creation(corresponding to the New Testament […]